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The Rules & Elements of Styling

(with Harijanto of Boenga Flowers)

Wedding design is not just limited to florals, and in this module, you will learn about the various complementary elements that go along with floral decor to create your couple's dream wedding. It includes a hands on lesson on floral decor such as creating centrepieces, backdrops and non-floral decor.




This module will teach you how to transform a space through lights and special effects, and what to take note of when looking at a venue to ensure that you highlight the best parts.

Note: Class begins on 24 February 2021




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Salt & Light of Weddings

Let us introduce you to the world of wedding planning and equip you with the essentials to start your journey as a wedding planner. Learn about the wedding landscape in Singapore, how to think like a planner and to provide service with passion, planning and creating the timeline for weddings and looking at the different wedding locations.


The Recipe

Learn to assist in keeping your couple on track with their budget, and create a actual wedding day schedule. We'll also cover the essentials of coordinating the actual wedding day and share tips on how we've managed unexpected situations that happened. 



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The Ingredients

A wedding does not happen with just one individual, it takes a whole village to make it all happen! In our case, it takes the right vendors who come together in making their wedding a beautiful one. Learn tips from industry vendors themselves on coordinating the perfect wedding. Also, learn about wedding stationeries and invitations here too.



The Impression

Learn how to market your wedding business and also to target the right market and build your clientele. Learn tips on navigating the social media landscape and how it can help your business.


Reality of An Entrepreneur

Be in the know of all the nitty gritty details of starting your own wedding business, including how to create your own business plan and contracts.




Full wedding planning


If you're looking to excel in both wedding styling and wedding coordination, much like what The Wedding Entourage team does, then the Full Wedding Planning Masterclass is for you! Take both the Wedding Styling Masterclass and the Wedding Coordination Masterclass and you're well on your way to being a full fledged Wedding Planner!



From now until 31st January,

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We start of with the basics of design and styling, which forms the foundation of the class. Knowing your colours, styles and designs will help in creating the whole mood and ambience of the wedding. Understanding your client and creating a mood board to share your ideas is vital as well. Not forgetting styling the bridal party and also tips on being a well-groomed wedding stylist! 

(with industry experts Harijanto from Boenga Flowers, Vaughn Tan and Jyue Huey from The Make-up Room)


Styling A Wedding

As a stylist, we go beyond and orchestrate every element so that the very last detail reflects the bride and groom's unique style is another. But before you do that, let's look at what goes on behind the scenes, from production to planning the full wedding ambience. We'll equip you with skills on creating an inspiration board, floor plans, details and also the art of sketching to convey your vision.

(with industry expert Harijanto from Boenga Flowers)

wedding styling & Design


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